Bbnaija 2019 Week 11 Veto Power Game Winner, Who Is The Winner Of Week 11 Veto Power?

Bbnaija 2019 Week 11 Veto Power Game Winner, Who Is The Winner Of Week 11 Veto Power? | BBN Week 11

Here in this page we are going to tell you about Bbnaija 2019 Week 11 Veto Power Game Winner and answer this frequenly ask question, Who Is The Winner Of Week 11 Veto Power? | BBN Week 11

Bbnaija Week 11 Veto Power Holder | This Week 11 Veto Power Holder

Bitcapitalunderstands that Omashola now has 100 Bet9ja coins and the power to ‘save and replace’ anybody nominated for eviction this week.

Omashola wins Bbnaija Week 11 Veto Power Game Of Chance

Omashola won this week’s veto power game of chance. Find out how Omashola emerged the winner of bbnaija week 11 Veto Power Game of Chance.

The week’s Veto Power Challenge was a simple one of unlocking a padlock from one steel wire mesh and placing the unlocked padlock on a stool next to the table of keys.

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There were 33 padlocks locked on the steel wire mesh with their keys placed randomly on the table. Housemates were required to pick a key and open a padlock.

The Game didn’t go long as expected as Omashola unlocked a padlock in record time and thus emerged “Bbnaija Veto Power Holder” for week 11

The Top Three Housemates

Although Omashola was the first to unlock his padlock, he was closely followed by Mercy and Ike. The Icy pair have been doing quite well in these games recently. It’s almost been a week ago since they both competed fiercely to jointly win the Head of House title.

As the race gets tighter, we can only count on them to bring their A-game during the forthcoming Challenges.

Following his win, Omashola will now have the power to save and replace himself or any other nominated housemate from possible eviction tomorrow after monday live nomination challenge.

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Omashola also won for himself 100 Bet9ja coins, bonus coins for his team members (Team Legend) as well as the privilege of wearing the Veto Power Holder ( VPH ) badge for the entire week.

Who do you think Omashola will save this week?, we need your reviews, just drop your comment inside the comment box below:



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